Sometimes I feel lost in this new world.
When I read an old book or watch an old movie, I feel more connected to that time, those people, places and situations.
Everything has become so empty these days.
The emotions are plastic, the happiness is swallow, the relationship are an adjustment or arrangement and the people are so fake.

Everyone is just running a maddening race. 

I like the old school way, the real friendships. When words meant words. There was a purity in relationship, in love. 

People has character, integrity and Honor.

It’s like the hell has gripped this world. If I have given a ticket to go to a time 200 years back, I won’t think twice before taking that plunge. 

I don’t belong here, this place.

I am an old soul. 

P.S. :- छुपकर रखले माँ मुझे अपने आँचल में,

         के कुछ यूं तक़दीर मेरी खुशियों पर नज़र लगाए बैठी है।

Image Credits :- PiXabay