This poem of mine has already been presented to our beloved swami, by Sadhvi Vrinda didi, “he listened to it with a smile on his face” she told me, As I am miles away sitting in Delhi.

This is very special to me, as at that time I was going through one of the toughest moments of my life, but with his grace, I came out stronger and better.

Considering the occasion, here it is once more 🙂


Like the ray of sunlight, sharp and straight
He cut through the walls and took off the weight

He cherished, loved, pampered my heart Like a painter adores his best work of art

Till then, I never believed he exists ,
But his grace is impossible to resist.

Every cell of my being dances at his name;
Like a miracle, I called and he came.

In a world of chaos, he is my light;
My savior makes every moment alright

Those who believe will experience for sure;
His love is a blessing, purest of pure!

Without his blessings, I am incomplete
I surrender myself at his Lotus feet !





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