Some points that came upon me on deep contemplation  :

  1.  Love is not a one time investment. It’s a choice two people make everyday and fight to keep it that way forever. It’s not about how much similarities or differences you have, It’s about how much are you willing to cherish them.
  2.  It’s really easy to confuse love with physical attraction and other kinds of fulfillment, you might think that you are in love but actually it would be your needs that the other person fulfills which has made you so much emotionally attached to them.It can be emotional to financial to romantic needs. When can we say that we are truly in love? when we don’t want anything from them and just want to love them and see them happy instead (We can’t offer anything to swami, but he like a mother, loves all of us. If that’s not true love I don’t know what is)
  3. When you love someone you accept them for who they are. I agree that some unhealthy habits must be pointed out but apart from that you don’t want to change anything about them. Everything from their lame jokes to cacophonous singing will make you smile. If you want to change anything about them then most probably you’ve fallen in love with a non-existent version that you have created in your mind.
  4. Even if you are the most short tempered person on the earth you won’t be able to raise your voice or hand in the front of  the one you love. Yes you can be angry, but you’ll never ever be disrespectful. Your mind will lay out the consequences for you in less than ten seconds. You don’t ever want to hurt them and spoil your relationship because it’s very difficult to erase disrespect.
  5. You don’t try to posses or control the ones you love, instead you want to set them free. You want to take their baggage on your own shoulders and let them fly as high as they can. Jealously is something humans can’t control but we can control  how we act on it.
  6. If you don’t know how to love yourself first then it’s a good possibility that you will end up giving all of your love to someone else which is not healthy and makes you dependent emotionally.
  7. Love does not mean being with the other one, or being there for them all the time, It’s not even practically possible but it means being there whenever they need you the most. You don’t walk out on your loved ones when they are in misery.
  8. It goes beyond physical looks even it goes beyond nature. There’s one place in your life that only they can fulfill, . When you truly love someone, giving up on them is not an option. You’ll be willing to fight alongside them to the end of time.
  9. Love can only be unconditional. If it’s not then it isn’t love.
  10. Love never makes you weak, it only makes you stronger, it gives you the tremendous courage to run into a burning building for your loved ones  !

    The Only ones I have found true love is, my Mother, my three best friends,and yes, my deity and Swami ! (For most of us Our isht and Swami are the one and the same,which is undoubtedly true. But due to my bhavas I only look at Swami as a Father, friend and Guru while Shiva is everything I know and everything I don’t know :P) And yes ! I am more than grateful to have received so much love from this community too 😀

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