Jai Shri Hari!!!

I know the title sounds very familiar to all of us,however is really multifaceted!!!!

Yeah ,perhaps a very beautiful beautiful emotion yet at times gets complicated. So here it goes…

Heard and seen in various stories and movies that love is always about giving,unconditional and selfless…. Feeling it is entirely fascinating.

So feeling it and not expressing it is …… I don’t know right or wrong but whatever is really challenging!!!!! 
But you know what,for me it’s altogether a beautiful different dimension , not letting that person know yet admiring and being a well wisher ,a silent one is very rejuvenating!!

Why aren’t we together because may be we never decided back then ,may be we didn’t know or may be I didn’t know or may be we were not destined……

However ,at some point probably had this sort of epiphany a few days back that before lying down once forever in my grave ,I will surely definitely express my feelings!!!! Yeah ,waiting,no hurry…

Till then enjoying  my friendship, my silly sane admiration and just loving it….

You know what,Caring ,feeling about someone so dearly and selflessly is really really worth it!!!!!

 Sipping my black coffee,smiling as I write, I say yes Love is beautiful!!! I’m feeling so good!!!!!

Jai Shri Hari