If Love is a dream,
then I shall always dream.
If Love is an earthquake,
then let it shake me.
If Love is fire,
then let me burn.
If Love is a god,
let him rule long.
If Love is a fairy tale,
do tell me the story.
If love is a power,
then let me have the strength.
And if Love is a person,
I pray it is me.

If Hate is a vision,
then I won’t look.
If Hate is a story,
I’ll close the book.
If Hate is a hunger,
then I just won’t eat.
If Hate is a fire,
then don’t let me catch fire.
If Hate is a rhythm,
then I’ll break the beat.
If Hate is a trick,
then don’t trick me.
And if hate is a person,
I pray it isn’t me.

                        : Debra D. Hines

This beautiful poem is written by Debra D. Hines. Everyone has a different definition of Love and Hate. So guys tell me what are your views about Love and Hate ?? First of all, I will tell you my viewpoints on Love and Hate.

This poem is a beautiful way of expressing your love for the other person. The difference of opinion between love and hate is beautifully and emotionally brought out in this poem. It is said that love and hate are the two sides of a coin that remains so close to each other and can change at any moment.

Love is an emotion, a feeling that keeps people bonded and committed to one another. It is a strong affection for another person arising out of personal ties and bonds. Love can be between family members, friends, couples but true love is always unconditional. Love is an intense feeling of deep affection between people. Love can build a strong long-lasting relationships. Always build love in every relationship.

Hate is the strong feeling of dislike or disgust between two or more persons. It is the feeling of aversion or hostility. If you hate someone you have an extremely strong feeling of dislike or disgust for them. There is not only a feeling of hate against humans but also a feeling of hate for things like he hates drawing, she hates cooking. Hate can destroy a beautiful relationship. Never bring this feeling in a relationship.

Which is more stronger Love or Hate??

Love is the most powerful feeling than Hate because love can end violence, make others inspire, and maintain peace. Also, Love is a much sweeter emotion so people become more attracted to it. Hate leads to violence and sometimes even lead to death. On the other hand, Love leads to connection and affection between two persons. Love is the key to happiness and happiness is the most important thing for leading a beautiful and peaceful life.

Everyone should try to love the other person and also love themselves because self-love is also very important. The feeling of hate can destroy your everything so don’t awake this feeling in yourself. Love is a beautiful feeling and we all get only one life, so we should live this life with the feeling of love and happiness without any hatred. We should not waste our life in hating others as we will not get another opportunity. Forgive everyone and leave the feeling of hatred, just enjoy your life by loving others and by loving yourself. Live every day like it was your last day.

 “Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illumines it.”     

              :Martin Luther King Jr.

Keep smiling always 🤗
Love you all ❤️

               Author – Palak Bedi

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