“Attachment says, you are mine.. love says I am your’s.”

Swami ji, romantic love must have atleast a little bit of difference in the way, it is explained in.

May be the feeling of the ‘love’ addressed here is the compassionate love, which always aims at giving. (“I am your’s”..)

And it is also important, to unconditionally love the “others..” compassion is the value behind our kindness.. and we cannot write or read or understand enough, about how important kindness is..

But does that “others..” involve each bond of ours’?

It so, brings me to question, how far and how wide is practicing this compassionate love practically possible?

I cannot continue to be someone’s if they are no more mine.. neither can I belong to two different dreams or things or people simultaneously. 

May be compassionate love is all about I love you.. and I am yours… but Romantic love is always with atleast some attachment. Where, we do feel that the other person is ours..

Otherwise if we remove the intimacy (of all kinds) how do we really experience the difference between loving someone compassionately and loving someone romantically? 

So, may be when referring to love, differentiating compassionate love from romantic love is important. Or else it mars the idea of romantic love.. romantic love is not the criminal,neither is the attachment involved here.. 

Because attachment is the basic need of our fragile human mind. And kindness towards others is a basic human value. Only when we are kind to our partners, we love them with our whole heart. (And why forget to mention that in turn love that pretty emotion makes us kind as well)

Not everyone can be attached to only God…! Not everyone aims for renunciation. And you always say it’s neither required too, right?

May be people must be motivated to find a way to work around this attachment and the romantic love. May be now we can explain these two terms separately as they really are. There must be a difference in the way they are explained, and this notion too, must be propagated well.

Compassion is a value, love is a feeling.

Compassion that’s a form of I am yours, or I am here for you is the basis of all bonds and relationships.

Its not suffering that is inevitable, but it is attachment that is.. this attachment may be what ensues suffering. And yet we must not criminalise attachments. We must accept it as we have accepted so many other things. 

For at times, it is our attachments in life that forms a context which gives a meaning to our living.