In 15th Century, a beautiful soul, a Gopi came to this earth and she chose the holy land of Rajasthan to sing the glories of her beloved Swami Krishna… You guessed it right, Meera Bai Sa Ji. We all know about her beautiful compositions in the love of of Divine. One of them is He Ri Mai To Prem Deewani Mero Dard Naa Jane Koi…

हे री मैं तो प्रेम दिवानी, मेरा दरद न जाने कोय।

सूली ऊपर सेज हमारी, किस बिध सोना होय।

गगन मंडल पर सेज पिया की, किस बिध मिलना होय॥

घायल की गति घायल जानै, कि जिन लागी होय।

जौहरी की गति जौहरी जाने, कि जिन लागी होय॥

दरद की मारी बन बन डोलूँ वैद मिल्यो नहीं कोय।

मीरां की प्रभु पीर मिटै जब वैद सांवलया होय॥

In this, there is one line, Ghayal Ki Gati Ghayal Jane, Ki Jin Ghayal Hoy. The condition of the injured can only be known to the injured, who has ever suffered a wound. 

In same way, only a lover can understand the situation of another lover. Only a Devotee can understand the feelings and experiences of Devotees. 

Today I was watching Swami Ji’s video on youtube in which Puneeta Roy asked Swami Ji to share his experience with Divine Mother, to which Swami Ji replied very gently that this can not be discussed here, I need someone who is in love, not a psychiatrist. Better you watch the video and tell me back in comment box. (Watch from 40:30) 

That’s why Swami Ji never uploads videos in which he is singing for Divine…

My Koti Koti Pranam to you My Hari, My Swami, My Meera Bai Sa, My Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Here is the Bhajan by Meera Bai Sa, enjoy you bhakti time with Swami….

Jai Sri Hari!

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