Actually I never thought much about the topic of love but my friend forced me to think about that. One day when I was completing my bank book, a notification on my phone popped up which asked me a strange question. My best friend suddenly asked me questions based on love. I forget about my bank book and shifted my attention to love book. She was reading a book called “It only happens in the movies” By Holly Bourne. I have not read that book but my best friend read some sentences such as “Love is a feeling but all married people say that it is a choice”.

Since I am not married, I don’t know about the perception of married people so I was unable to answer her exactly. So, I asked about marriage and love to a person in my office who is like a sister to me. I asked her because she is happily married. She gave her answer and that was “Yes, love is a feeling but staying with the same person for the rest of your life is clearly a choice”.

So, according to me, love is a feeling. Yeah, we make a choice too but I don’t think we can make a choice about who we should love or not. Have you ever made that strange choice? I am calling that strange because in my love world there is no option for choices. When you love someone, you just love.

This word “love” doesn’t seem understandable to me. Everyone has a different definition of love which is based on their experiences. Ok, so many people make mistakes in love. I know some people who are married out of love but after some years, the love disappears from their relationship. Just want to say one thing – when you fall in love, just be in love don’t get ready to give a name to that love. I am clearly telling you to not get married just after falling in love.

The funniest thing in love is that you just forget about yourself and believe in your partner’s dreams and words. Suddenly the other person seems right all the time. For the first few years, it seems so good but after some years, you realise that you just want to go away from that person. Married people are right when they say that love is about choices but we make choices when we are in love too.

Honestly speaking, I know people who are not happy with the person for whom they were ready to die once. So, don’t take decisions and make choices when you are in love. Love is like a drug due to which you lose your consciousness.


Keep Smiling,

Riya OM


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