About This Poem: To love and to be loved is the deepest longing of a human heart. Love springs from the very core of our existence. It is the fragrance of our being. To experience Love in its highest beauty and joy, we have to give ourselves totally into it. We have to dissolve…



Love Is…

Love is the Presence

The Beauty, the Truth

Ever fresh, ever still.

It’s the Force

Alive and dynamic.

The whole Creation

Surrenders to it.


Love is the Light

Of eternal Hope

Of daunting Spirit.

It never diminishes, never dies off.


Love is the Source

Of Life and beyond.

Everything, from leaves to stars,β€”

Is its loving expression.


Love is the End:

The dissolution, the union

Of Creation and the Creator.

No differences remain.


Love is the culmination

Of Life’s journey.

Through valleys of oblivion

To the Ocean of Bliss.

It’s the Freedom,

The Liberation, supreme.


Love, Alok.

Image Credit: Anjana C on Pexels.