I have always been a firm believer of what energy you give out always returns to you in unexpected ways. Here is my real-life incident.

I was in a situation where I felt so deeply called out to love and care for a person. In the initial days there was affection from both sides but later it slowly became one-sided. I felt so unloved and thought why did I give out my love to somebody who doesn’t deserve it. There have been many incidents as such but my heart never became cold towards the another.

Slowly, I started to detach from the whole incident and just had one question left! Why me, universe? Later on, I started with my new academic session where I spent my time alone as I wanted to renew my energy and not pass on the hurt and pain I went through to someone else. I had no expectations of meeting new people or even making friends.

I invested all my time on becoming better as a listener, to love better, to firstly love myself better. Still, a little hurt was left but suddenly after one month, I made 7 friends who were aligned with my morals and foundation. My life suddenly became full of love and joy but this wasn’t from outside, this seemed as if it was an extension of the love I had in me.

As if these people were just not different identities but the very emotion which I had in my heart. The moral of the story is your love never goes to waste. My love came back not double, not triple not four times but actually 7 times more! You never know what life has in store for you. Never question your pure intentions. It will all come back to you.