Nothing teaches better than Love. Fall in and out of Love, again and again and you will know what Life is. No! Don’t do it superficially. Go deeper. Deeper into Love. So deep that all your wounds lay bare and open. Love with every bit of your existence. Leave no stone unturned. If your own identity is being destroyed, let it be. Only when you shed the fear of self-destruction, Love will annihilate your ego. When you have loved thus, fall out of it. The person will want to go. That is natural. Have courage to let go, then- the same courage that you showed when you loved. It won’t be easy and it will kill you inside. All the wounds that you opened will become worse will pus and blood. Bleed! Burn! Because “wound is the place from where the light enters.” And when the pain becomes extreme, it is then, that Life will stand in all its immensity in front of you. Mysteries of Universe wear the cloak of Pain. Once you have reached the extreme of pain, nothing else will ever be able to touch you again. That is freedom.

But everything comes with a price. After all, there are no free lunches, dear. Every time you will fall in and out of Love, a part of your soul will die with it. That emptiness, I don’t know if that can be filled with anything ever in life. There are several other ways to that Freedom wherein your body, mind and soul are in complete synchronization. But if you choose Love to teach you Life, be ready to die every single time, piece by piece. Love demands courage and if you are not ready for keeping your very existence at stake, Love is not your cup of tea, then, better stay away from it. It will turn you into a complete different person and there won’t be anything that blocks/ hurts you again in life, ever. I am not saying it won’t hurt. But some pains are worth it.