In my school and college life i have a crush on many girls but in case of some girls where i was damn sure that they feels the same way towards me.
They also gave me many signs to approach them even many incidents occurred where nature put us alone in unexpected place so that i can think that she is chasing me and making herself alone so that a shy guy like me can approach her .
But in the end of every story i found out that they are all already commited and happy with their love ones and on the other end i was preparing myself to impress her to approach her ,thinking that now i should talk to her she might be craving for me to talk first but all that was just my thought process nothing else .
There is a line in bollywood song
“Tune jo na kaha main vo sunta raha khamkha be wajah khab bunnta raha”
but the positive thing is that only i had the last laugh and that too on myself.😅