Love is always simple, pure and beautiful. ❤

We don’t need to learn any rocket science to understand it but a pure and innocent soul is enough to feel Love and lost in the depth of it.

It’s just that, we selfish and egoistic humans who made this love complicate and a bundle, full of sadness and miseries. 

I believe, People have many misconceptions about Love, I’ll try to address them. 

Misconception 1:

Sex is necessity of Love

Not true! Sex is just a choice not necessity. Some gentle kisses and warm hugs are enough to grow and sustain Love.

My biggest parameter to check Love is “Ask ourselves and our partner that would he/she could be able to hold this relationship without having sex?”

If the answer is No, It’s the time to move on and find someone who value our soul more than our body.

Misconception 2:

Love always gives happiness

No! It’s not true. Being in love doesn’t ensure our happiness or sadness. We can’t suddenly be a happy person from a sad person. Our problems and difficulties of life just can’t suddenly disappeare only because we are in love.

Being in love means, we found a person who will always be there for us to support us, care for us and love us even when we forget to love yourself.

Appreciate the presence of our partner for being always there for us that is Love and remember it always grows gradually. 

Misconception 3:

Love fades with time

Pure and true love doesn’t fade with time. It’s everlasting from the beginning to the end. Yes but attraction or attachment definitely fade with time.

People often get bored with same body. They don’t want to have sex with the same body everytime.

Love of these kinds of people definitely fade away. Because they have never been in love. They just pretend better to be in love until get bored with us.

Misconception 4:

Whom to Choose between Family and She/He

We don’t have to choose anyone. Because if someone truly loves us, definitely come into our life. They will never let us face this kind of situation, (She/He vs Them). 

Some people are really precious that we can’t get them out of our life. They don’t come with any price tag. So we can’t say this side is the worth of 2000$ and other side the worth is 1500$. So I choose 2000$ side.

So if our partner say we have to choose between her/him and family, choose family because she/he doesn’t know the value of our parents in your life.

Misconception 5:

Love is all about reaching the exotic places, living in the wonderland and always laughing, laughing and laughing

No! Reality is different. Reality is harsh that’s why no one really likes the reality. Dreams and imaginations are no doubt beautiful and fascinating so most of the people stuck and trap in the fallacy of love.

Our prince charming will never come on horse with thousands of people behind but most often will come on foot in torn clothes with tired face asking for water in stead of giving us a diamond ring. It’s all upto us the recognise the person, we true love.

बस ऐसा ही है साधारण सा असाधारण प्यार।❤️

(It’s all about the ordinary extraordinary Love)