Namaste to whoever gonna read this…

This is my first post and all I am gonna write about love,I want to know what is love according to you all? What is love???

Well, I believe love is ‘presence’….Presence of that someone we love the most, In whose presence we can do just anything to keep that special person happy,  that person could be maa, papa, soulmate, brother, sister or anyone…I believe love is the only thing I ever want to give and receive, god made me full of love and to be honest there’s a time also come when you have spent all of your love and you feel so empty like you lost yourself completely and still standing alone on your own feet…you know what’s keep us standing there, a “HOPE”…a hope that one day everything’s gonna be fine, 

Nothing last forever in this world,even our body gonna deteriorate one day, 

You know why God is God? Why God’s place is called  heaven? God is himself filled with love, he knows when to be calm , when to be angry,When to be happy, he knows how to balance, and that is why it creates a huge difference between us (human) and God.

Did you people ever wonder before doing an action that what will god do if he has to do that same work, this generation disappointed me, I have lost all faith in love but still that god inside me encouraging me somewhere that one day your empty soul is gonna filled again with beyond the love  you have ever spent, that is known as Karma too, what you give, you receive

  • All I wanted to convey is that every human is dealing with something, we need to stop priorities our suffering , everyone is suffering, all we need to give love to each other, if not, then atleast give it to yourself❤️



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