As we all know that it’s summer time and many many animals are affected due to this…. people are locked up and aren’t allowed to step out of their houses… we see many YouTube videos and advertisements asking to keep water for animals and birds but why not those small insects? i ain’t writing this story for telling that i did something good but i want make all of you aware of the fact that their are many many small and innocent creatures roaming in the hot sun…. everyday just throw one mug of water on a stone (kept in shade) so that the bees and other insects can drink it… those innocent creatures need your help ❤ it’s because of them we get fruits and vegetables and flowers for our gods and goddesses ❤ it’s because of them a new life (seed) is formed… they are the life line…. ❤ if we can drink honey why can’t we give some water to them? please help 🙏❤  Thank you very much ❤

Edit : Posting a picture of a honey bee drinking water 🥰