I am walking in the lanes of Moti Bazaar in Haridwar, a cool breeze is flowing and touching my cheeks gently and i am heading towards Har Ki Pauri and the tips of those beautiful temples on the banks of Har Ki Pauri are in my sight. Suddenly an earthquake comes and everyone in the Bazaar are running to save their lives. It seems that i am shaking more than the earth beneath my feet. This beautiful dream that i was having gets over due to this earthquake and i wake up because my mother was waking me up and telling me that it’s 7:30 a.m. already. I wake up and we are late as usual. Before we know it, the auto wale uncle is outside our home and calling for us. So,we board his auto after loading all the luggage first.

The Ludhiana that i see in the morning is the most beautiful because there is less traffic, pleasant weather, greenery and fresh oxygen present. We reach the railway station in less than 30 minutes and gets on the designated platform at 8:45 a.m.,after that we wait for the train by sitting on our bags because the concrete chairs are occupied most of the time. It’s a very pleasing sight to see a train approaching when you are on the platform waiting for the train(not when you are standing on the railway line like Rajnikant Ji’s character Shivaji in Shivaji: The Boss) because the train’s engine, it’s honking,the noise and all of its compartments brings a sense of wonder. As soon as the train stops,we look for D-6 compartment of Jan Shatabdi and get on board of it.


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