Earlier this year, I had penned down a few poems. I am not a poet by any stretch of imagination. My own including! The poems were written to Her. The Divine Mother, Jaganmata! 

The ability to write was also her gift. 

“Maa! Maa! ” I cried out to her.Such supreme audacity! 

She who has a thousand names, Sahastranaama. She who is revered and worshipped by the entire cosmos! The Mother of all creation! 

But then… Whom should I have called out to in my distress and despair? 

I dare to share… 


I stood up for myself;
They walked away and abandoned,
Turned away and threatened.

I lifted my head, voiced my need;
They abused and neglected,
Crushed and mocked.

My little hopes and innocent dreams
Were fodder for shaming and rebuke.

Doubting my worthiness, questioning my place,
Soiled by sorrow, defiled by defeat,
Abjectly lost, wretched and weary… She found me.

She swallowed my darkness into her duskiness,
I ate of her strength and drank of her Grace,
My beauty I saw reflected in her obsidian eyes,
My worthiness I discovered in her kohl black arms,
At her black feet, my soul found eternal rest,

My mother birthed me again
She gave me back to me!


Into the wilderness of Aloneness, I am setting forth,
Please check if I have unpacked everything.

As I hesitate on the threshold of the Silence.
Push me out, gently,
I am setting forth.

Hold my hand till the restlessness merges into restfulness,
Keep an eye on me,
I am coming from you to you,
I am setting forth.