This is my first post. After a great deal of contemplation, in fact by overcoming my indecisive nature, I decided to write. And put up the courage to reveal my innermost feelings, gratitude and love for my mother. Neither my actions nor my expressions reflect my feelings and immense appreciation for her. Who is she? Is she very skilful or very spiritual or great social reformer? No. None. She is an ordinary woman with extraordinary ways. She believes in Karma always but never preaches her ways. She is around seventy-five and a mother of four happily married daughters. If I reflect upon her life, it is full of all practical lessons. l will try to comprehend.
She didn’t follow rituals like going to temple or in kirtan till we were settled in our married lives. I mean according to her satisfaction. Why? As she was totally focused to give us the best education facilities despite huge financial, family, social and health pressures. If I tell her struggles one by one, you will consider her super Hero.💪Not two or three kids, we are four and that too girls. She used to wake up around four am, made us wakeup for studying and did all the house chores as there were no helpers at that time. She always took care of our studies and personally used to meet our tutors. Her only concern was ……..To enable us with education so that we are financially independent.
Lesson number 1

Once you are married and have kids, God has given you a clear purpose. Nurture Your Children to best of your ability and rest leave upon Him. He will show you the way.

I don’t know how she managed her poor resources to make us comfortable. Everyone in our family used to say that “Hamne jaroor pichle Janam mein Sona daan kia hoga”Means we were getting the best education, comfort and luxuries in our limited resources, it must be due to good karma of our previous lives. Now, I understand God has sent my mother to do this extraordinary task.
She was not a woman who only looked after her daughters. Socially, she was very interactive and helping. She is a little fat,haha…very fat. I must say……..A big lady with a big heart. My words will fell short to write about her kindness. Despite family pressures, she took care of her brother’s wife for about two years who was battling with cancer. Our homes were about three km afar and my four cousins were of our age. She took care of everything alongside my blind Masi.  Amusingly, she was not timid.Infact, she was of rebellious nature. She made it very clear at home that apart from her in-laws family, she will not leave anyone in need in her family also. Later, after my Mamiji expired she devoted her time and resources to make the family independent as they also faced huge financial crisis after her death. She remained a strong pillar of that famil for years. Now all my cousins are doing very well. And we share a very happy bond. She helped many in our extended families whenever they faced health or family issues both in the maternal and paternal side. She shared a strong bonding with my Chachi(paternal aunt). My aunt too developed serious illness about twelve year ago. She was hospitalised and operated upon in a dire emergency. She remained on her bedside for about two months in hospital. At that time we all were married. She spent almost all her resources for her treatment but y aunt could not be saved. After her death, she wholeheartedly took the responsibility of my Uncle who was suffering from tuberculosis and have no permanent source of income. After a few years, she found a girl for my cousin and got him married. Now, all live together as a joint family under a single roof. Both my cousins treat her as their mother. She is the mother of six children now. As a matter of fact, She is the mother of uncountable children as there are innumerable persons embraced by her who must have their experiences with her.They also will be having their stories  to tell.
Lesson number 2

Your kindness doesn’t need any resources and opportunity. You only need a strong will. Don’t close your heart. Kindness is like Datta Ki Dattar(God’s Gift ), let it flow like a mighty river. Soak everyone with your love, care and humour.

She stood for her four daughters living in an orthodox society. Her mode of living was not sacrificing and preaching. She enjoyed life in all circumstances. Why I’m here telling you about Meri Maa.? Prabhu, it took me around forty-five years to understand her worth and about four years to express it like this. I am sharing all this to pay my gratitude for her.I earnestly wanted to encourage all to express abundant love in words and actions  for your parents😊 . 

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