Please allow me to introduce you to a VERY AMBITIOUS young man, who dreamt of doing & achieving the impossible. Thriving in his career and reaching for the stars. His arm tatoo also read “I can conquer what has not been conquered ” His belief in himself and his GOD was unshakable. Ladies & Gents, boys and girls: This was me. 

As a young school going boy, I dreamt and got admission in the most prestigious FASHION colleges in NEW YORK and LONDON. 

Apart from excelling in studies, I also thrived in hobbies like Theatre in my college in London. Aspiring for the stars, I wanted to create a huge fashion business giant after graduation. 

BUT alas, Destiny plays CRUEL games with us… DOES IT NOT???? 

Very soon, upon graduating from my college in BA FASHION MANAGEMENT, I was diagnosed with a SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESS called SCHIZOPHRENIA!!!!


Yes, you read that right…


Not only I had fallen in my career but also fallen into deep & dangerous illnesses of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and extremely severe depression… My psychiatrist cited the reason as extreme stress manifestation. 

  Dreading many a times that I might have to spend the rest of my life in a Mental asylum or just exist like a lunatic,  not only did I attempt to Kill myself many a times but also tried to runaway from the safety net of my home and mother, so painful was the suffering. 

But as the famous hanuman chalisa says….

( wen Hanuman you are the saviour, why should I fear? ) 

After 12 extremely long years of suffering & illness, the IMPOSSIBLE WAS ACHIEVED.

Not only have I recovered FULLY from the demoniac disease, today even my Doctors find it difficult to believe the NEW ME who has emerged victorious from the once life threatening Schizophrenia. 

If we only SURRENDER to the Guru, the almighty, the god, what is it that we cannot achieve. Even in the darkest of nights and most painful of days, one must never stop believing. One must GO ON, for with the Kripa of shri gurus Charan even the worst of tortures & suffering DO PASS!!!