July 29, 2022 11pm

My friends and I went stargazing tonight. It was such an experience. To begin with, the XYZ state park is an amazing place. Big waterfalls, scenic view and the bridge. We can go there in every season and time of the day. 

The place was empty, nobody other than us. It spooked us out a bit. It has curvy roads and many slopes. We stopped at a No outlet road and noticed that we were right between the fireflies and the stars were twinkling above us. We stayed in the car and enjoyed the Milky Way and the Jugnus. We then got off the car for a few minutes to live the moment and be in the nature.

Moments later, a police car stopped by, to inform us that the park had closed at 11pm only. Oops. We were actually relieved to meet the lady officer, it put us at ease. 

The silence of the night was filled with faint cricket chorusing at distance, probably a couple of ducks singing through the night and the fireflies flying close by. It does make us a little alert rather than carefree, but it was beautiful indeed. I gazed and gazed into the sky to accustom my eyes to the million stars in the clear sky. The moment was spectacular, darkness has a beauty I can’t explain in plain words. Surreal.

On our way back, I saw some cows while passing by a dairy farm and mill. Wind turbines so big, casting a shadow in the sky, with no lights whatsoever. The sky had a gradient of light into the darkness and the stars never let us feel lonely. 

The beauty of the night was in the charm of the twinkling stars, effortlessly making the heart-mind-eyes-soul aligned into one.


Picture: Taken by my friend, the same night.