Blazing red hued on the right

Cooling blue stream on the left

Ganges gushes forth like a mad maiden

In love of the Lord

She flows 

Like eternal rasa of devotion

Happy in his matted locks

Her bondage in His matted hair locks is

But her liberation

She is the stream of coolness 

Cooling the Immense heat of His Tapas.. 

The cresent moon

Adorns His forehead

He is the refugee of Chandradev

Seated in meditation

Flows ecstatic tears

Mother earth absorbs the tears

Precious beyond description

She hugs them deeply

her breasts nourished profoundly

Hence sprouts tree of ecstacy – Rudrasksh

His eyes closed in meditation

Heart senses His unblinking glances

From Day to night

His features so sharp

Tells the story of his

mastery over all that can and cannot be – of here and beyond

Master of all that is but Bholenath

My Nath.. Bholenath.. 

Giver of Boons, taker of the troubles… 

He is Bhola…

Consummation of Halahal was but

His love for nature.

His love for His cosmic self

Of which you are a part

Will you reach and raise… 

And Be part of Him? 

Consciously and Joyously? 

Through dance

Or singing

Through tapas 

Or normalcy of everyday life.. 

Will you reach Him..? 

Stop searching to reach Him.

Prayers to Swami ji. 🙏🌹

P. S. – It’s neva too early to start celebrating festival of consciousness and source of Meditation🧘‍♀️

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