Main Entrance

Energy enters from the main door and affects the whole house, so it is important to keep the entrance very energetic. If the entrance is blessed with positive energy, we will be blessed with prosperity and opulence.

As per Vastu scriptures, doors can be at a particular degree. The degree is decided through the Vastu mandala. 
Vastu mandala has 45 cells, and each cell represents a particular energy. Out of 45 cells, 8 cells are very positive for entrance and it is best to place the entrance on these cells only. In case our entrance does not fall on these cells we call still energize it and get a similar effect. In the Vedic Shastras of Vastu, we have remedies wherein we do not have to demolish the existing structures. By placing a few positive materials we can still convert a negative entrance into a positive one. It is a total myth to have an entrance in the northeast corner of the plot. Remedy done is equivalent to having the entrance at the right cell.

A detailed chapter is given in the scripture Vishwakarma Prakash, translated by Dr. Jayshree om and is available from the platform Amazon, and Flipkart.

The main entrance is the entry point from the boundary wall from where the vehicles enter. Also, we must try to place the entry point of the constructed premises on a positive pada. This is all done through Padvinyas.

Some key points for a good entrance:

-have the height of the door in odd inches
-width must be half of the height
-never keep negative items like shoes, trees, poles, used utensils, dustbins, nails, sludge, well, and open drainage in front of the main entrance.
-avoid noisy doors or creaks
-use good quality wood
-use positive signs which enhance the energies flowing in.
-light camphor, dhoop, and incense stick regularly near the door.
-use Manjusha if the entrance is placed in the wrong cell.
-place Astamangal plate on the door frame.

Positive items which can be placed at the entrance are as follows:-

  1. Kirti Mukha
  2. Flying bird idols or miniatures(not pigeons) like sparrows, peacocks, and parrots.
  3. Sri Lakshmi, Ganesha or any god you believe in.
  4. Garlands of flowers or leaves.
  5. Gold Swastik
  6. Kalash filled with water.
  7. Plants (avoid cacti)

Entrance of Khumbalgarh Fort