Make me a balloon
Filled with Your love
Soaring without a care
High in your skies
From where the view is clear
Of your vast Kingdom
Replete with many a crescent moon
and glittering stars, 
Shining upon the dancing rivers
and the gently swaying flowers. 
Everything I see is a reflection of You
Everything I see is just You and You !

I swell a little more in joy
And rise a few miles higher
Only to burst with the inner bliss
My fragile body can no longer bear
I glide my way down
Past the whispering cool breeze
Crossing paths with many others on the rise. 

Softly as I touch the ground
I find myself spread across your lap
Glancing into your eyes, fiercely benevolent and dark
My delicate thread wrapped around your arms
In a solemn plea to seal every inch of distance
Your loving caress takes my breath away
My heart’s in my mouth
Tears alone may speak all there is to convey. 

As I utter your name in a final sigh
The cage flings open
And the soul trapped since ages flies away
Dissolving into the fragrance of your timeless being, 
Losing its existence to the Eternal Cosmic  Rhythm !