Blog-make your mind your doctor
There is a doctor in our intelligence faculty of brain which control the activity of organs of our body in a coordinated way with harmonious relationship.Brain
is a hardware and mind is software where in thoughts are generated . Mainly our thoughts create disease and it also cures the disease . We are responsible for creating any kind of disease based on thought and action . If you want to consult your mind doctor then you have to go through the given following therapies .
– [ ] Laughter therapy
– [ ] Gratitude therapy
– [ ] Compassion therapy
– [ ] Donation therapy
– [ ] Self purification therapy
– [ ] Self Mortification ( killing all your toxic and evil habits .In addition to above therapy , following therapy is there

  • Meditation  Therapy
  • Music Therapy
    – [ ] It has been revealed that even cancer patient cured by these therapy .

– [ ] May God bless 

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