ना सुख जिंदगी है, ना दुख जिंदगी है

जीवन मैं जो जो किया है, उसका हिसाब ही जिंदगी है।


Male ego needs no special explanation while being in the journey of a Brother, Son, Boss, Teacher, Father, and Husband, this feeling being superior, I know it all sinks in quite often. With so much clarity as if it’s true, that I own the person whom I am sharing my thoughts (In my mind Ordering them). Yet fail to understand, that I am missing the point, because the point is so subtle in I, and that’s all it matters. Me, My, Myself

Being a biological male, and choose to stay the same 😉 (In current pride of people), Still, actions do not comply to the true nature as a human being. Society has honored so much respect to a Male (even if not an alpha, but pose it such) and pedestal position for such actions, just because we are stronger physically (biologically proven) is that the only reason?

The current pandemic has brought the so-called air of supremacy, of Males in homes, to knees, and yet, they think they are the best. Hypocrisy is at its peak, We are standing along with our better half and helping her with every chore at home.

See I do the dishes, of course, I make sure she knows I did the task. Because she just got up due to loud enough sounds from crockery, before resting their breath in a stand.

I just moped the rooms and made sure, made enough splashy sound in the bedroom, where she was watching her 6×4 blue screen (mobile screens are actual remote controls) and getting enough thumb exercise. Thumbing away likes and emojis.

There may be enough Males, who think they have molded themselves according to the need in the current pandemic and sharing the chore load of the home. If they just pause and think through the micro-level actions, rolling of eyes, the expression on the face, frequency of simple harmonic oscillations of the mop, angular frequency of circular motion of sponge on utensils. All this will introspection will lead the person in the right direction, that is their Male Ego.

Swamiji has shared a lot about the same, here, here, and here and here too.

This talk on ego I heard, many times over. You know, my ego was such, could not digest everything he shared at one time. (see cannot accept that verbally, had to write down). Had to hear when driving alone in the car, to digest and eat it again the digested stuff to digest again. Making myself humble.

I dared myself to ask my wife, please tell me where all my ego comes your way. She looked square into my eyes and said, you will not accept it. But I just heard Swami Ji, I am ready to give up my ego with my better half, No No, please tell, I will and I am serious about it. She gave a look, slightly smiled, and walked back to the kitchen. See I am determined, followed her, to make her realize I am genuinely asking. She rolled her eyes, left, dirty utensils of lunch (which I promised to clean), to the right, bag of groceries, yet to shelved (which she requested me to put away in the pantry, as all were monthly ration). And smiled, honey you see …

Males have a problem, the problem is that it is a problem and why women have a sixth sense and know the timings to play with emotions of males. See there are many problems others have, that makes Males problem a big problem, You know what I mean.

One thing I have chosen to use is my listening skills more than speaking skills unlike how women do (see again Male ego). 

It’s all about letting GO, contrary we are always in the hurry to GO.

I have shared few practical situations of how blindfolded, male ego is, yet we think we are modern, open, and outgoing people. In one of the books I learned, slow down to speed up. Yes shedding the ego shells, need more effort, can be identified by looking yourself Man to Man in the mirror to get more clarity, find your own room for improvement.

Ego is the only requirement to destroy any relationship…To become a bigger person, skip the “e” and let it “go” !!

Hope this might have intrigued few thoughts, and might have given food for thought?

Dear male ego members or survivors of ego please share in comments. your take. (I have my EGO, I cannot share here  😉 , just kidding)

Onto the lotus feet of Swami Ji…

Jai Shri Hari !!!.