Namaskaram Swamigaru, namaskaram all,

I love mangoes. Who does not! We all do. It’s our favorite fruit, king of fruits, summer fruit, helps us beat the heat and melts us in its taste, mangolicious treat. So why the noise/ whatzup?

This is our first-ever tree that we grew and that too a mango tree! About five years ago, we located a sapling that was right across my home on the opposite side of the road on the footpath. The result today is that we are eating mangoes! So what’s the big deal, anyway? Why the noise?

For the last four years, I have been a scarecrow to the tree, chasing away and frightening away my neighbours from plucking leaves (to save the tree esp., during festivals). Some I caught red-handed, while many escaped. Then it was a bit ok, now the tree has flowered all around and produced mangoes everywhere. If anyone plucked too many flowers, mangoes would drop. It was the festival season, countless tiny mangoes dropped down. This scene turned me from the scarecrow to a watchdog.

The noise increased. I became restless. Guarding the tree, I ended up frustrated. To overcome this we distributed the mangoes to all our neighbours for Ugaadi. Among them, one of the neighbours told my husband that he had five acres full of mango trees! This made me feel proud (zamindarini) that despite having one tree I shared with all, felt very great.

The noise pollution reached the zenith. I basically wanted to grow a sapling, that was there, into a tree, but in due course I grew from a scarecrow to a watchdog, ended up owning the tree — My tree (possessive), feeling great (about giving fruits)… Now everywhere I see is I — I am, my tree/fruits, me, mine, for God’s sake where are the mangoes or the mango tree? Reminds me of the great, Jada Bharata story.

The mango tree is just fine, standing right there, doesn’t own even its own fruits in the least. Big lesson that I missed all these years, it was teaching me every moment, the speaking tree.

Now it has opened me up and has helped me grow along with it. To me, it’s become a Kalpavrushka, because it’s unearthing me. Now it has further transformed into an inverted tree, Samsara Tree — urdhva mulam adho shakam.,. It has awakened me only to grow higher, back to our roots, our home, to Her. How can I repay this gratitude? Thank you is all that I can say.