Mangoes that look same but taste different!!! 2 “Yeah, I got it. Now you try.” Said Sankarshana.

Aiming at his catapult, he launched the attack, and soon the mango fell from the tree. He took the mango and rushed to me.

“here, taste it.” He said to me but I refused him.

“Ask!” He said feeling saturated. Taking the mango and juggling it in my hand, I asked,

“Murari! Like you are here in your complete grandeur and form but still, people pursue you in several different aspects and some don’t pursue you at all but rather than pursuing you, they only believe in their hard work to get success and they become successful too. It reinforces their belief and their belief systems get more concretized. They don’t believe in the existence of divine grace which is making everything possible/ So what is the point of……..”

“Being a devotee or worshipping me in form when I am omnipresent?” Intruding my question, he completed it for me. I looked down feeling guilty as I have questioned my faith.

He catches the mango halfway and said to me,” Can you see this mango? Everyone who believes or refutes in my existence, if they aim or put their efforts as much, they will surely get it, irrespective of what they think because they are all expansions of my marginal energy and the law of karma is universal to every human being. But……..Here, taste it.”

He cut a piece and gave it to me.

“It is very sour!” I exclaimed.

Hearing my reply, he continued, “Exactly! this is the taste of success for those who refute my existence and think they are the sole contributor in it. In everyone’s minds, they may be able to create a delusion that see, you don’t need anyone greater to depend on, you can earn it if you do hard work, but inside, they are always restless, frustrated, suffering their actions and always in an attempt to control every aspect of nature to get their desired results. As a result, they can’t enjoy their success and it becomes very frustrating and tiresome for them. At some point, they do get some few drops of pleasure, here and there but, you know, I don’t have to elaborate more.”

And for those who worship you or other aspects of you as formless. For them?”

“Here, taste it again.” He gave me another piece.

“It is sweet!”

“Exactly!” He continued, “Although they don’t worship me in form but still they surrender onto me. They see me in everything and hence they start imbibing my knowledge/gyaan aspect. They get Brahmagyan, the ultimate knowledge required to cut oneself from the ties of rebirth and acquire salvation. Those who pursue me like this, follow the path of meditation/ Dhyan Yog or Sankhya Yog which is arriving at the truth through logic and rationale or Karma Yog which means doing every action dedicated to me. But…. those who follow this path will experience two out of four aspects of me which is Sat and Chitta which is Ultimate truth and ultimate consciousness/knowledge. By my grace, they will experience peace and bliss if they attain to deep states of Samadhi in meditation.”

And what about your devotees?” I asked, raising my voice, seeking to get an answer.

For them,” He took the whole mango, peeled off the skin, separated it from its skin with his Lotus hands and fed it to me. As I was eating it, he said.

For them, I personally protect what they have and personally deliver what they lack. I am always at their service, devoting my entire grandeur in their service. I attain to them with all my 4 features which are Sat Chitta Ananda Vigraha which are the Ultimate Truth, Ultimate Consciousness, Ultimate Ecstacy, and Ultimate Form. The last two features of me are accessible to only my true devotees. They not only get success but are always ecstatic and blissful all through the course of life. They roam in me and I roam in them. For them, even all my potencies and expansions get focused on serving their will. But the irony is, they don’t care about anything rather than serving me and hence I serve them.”

I was so engrossed in hearing him that the taste of the mango got out of my mind. As I came into my senses, I exclaimed, “It is so sweet as it is not a mango but a divine fruit!

He laughed and said at last, “See, same mango, different tastes! Similarly, the same success, different profoundness in experiencing life.”

Mangoes that look same but taste different!!! 3


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