As i reached Delhi and freshened up my 3 days hectic sleepless and action filled fatigued journey , i sat with my family,after a 3 hours sleeping session and a sunsilk shampoo head bath to have brunch of Daal,chawal and fried Aloo ! Bharat had not left my heart beat ,my thoughts and my head space for a moment too,but with no mobile phone ,the only thing i could do was to message the paging office from railway station public phone when i reached Delhi ,was to inform him.,”i m safe and reached Delhi and how much i missed him!” There was no reply back message ,i think i must have checked my pager by the time i had brunch atleast 50 times even in between baath and sleep! Technology and signals u see can at times have major glitche ,my heart kept telling my mind! While having the meal together my parents said” when you were away to Bombay your grand father visited the Banker boys Rohini house and met him and his family” ( A banker Suitor too was short listed in our matrimony bio datas) ,and they seemed to be very decent, educated and non demanding, ! I left my food in between and saw in my Fathers eyes and with dreamy ,sleepy or tear filled( i cant judge because all these expressions were in me) revealed to my Father…”.but i have chosen the Man i ll spend my life with!”, My parents have been very open minded and loving aswelll as progressive, never have i had any scare or inhibitions to show my heart or ideas to them , So i said this not atall scared that they ll scream or make me feel guilty!” Who is the one whom you ll trouble now?”,they said jokingly! I smiled and narrated about Bharat ,his family ,his Strong mom ,His 4 sisters and how he was a charmer aswell a man of good habits and virtues! I also told them about his life style! My parents were wise, compassionate and loving to hear me without reacting or getting aggitated , the only thing my Grand father said listening to the whole incidents was…” we have protected and nurtured u as a rose, it will not be easy in an environment like that of a desert to replant yourself” ,but i was admant ,I had made up my mind( heart), so my Father said ,” we are with you in all your desicions ” ,but he wanted to talk to Bharat and his mom before taking further desicion ! I again paged Bharat to call me on my land line ,…

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