“Do you know any unknown random guy who can have sex with my daughter and also can sleep with her?” A father asked his friend

Quite offensive?

Let’s be a little polite this time!

“Do you know any good guy for marriage to my daughter?” A father asked his friend

Most Indian parents think of themselves beyond God, even God could be wrong sometimes but Indian parents think they can’t!

But How and Why?

This is a question of deep research

We all respect our parents and give them the status, equal to God and that’s not wrong, they have done so much for us that nobody ever did .001% of it.

But they are required little flexibility in their thoughts and approach. they need to realize that even their decisions can be wrong and ruin their children’s future. Sometimes to give a chance to their son/daughter to choose their career and life partner is not wrong.

Trust them at least once, even World War has happened twice.


Marriage is the purest bond on the earth ever exist, where two-person chose each other to start a beautiful journey to support each other in every pain, to care for each other in every ailment, to enjoy every happy moment, and to love each other for forever.

Marriage got came into existence because one’s parents can’t stay with their son/daughter for a lifetime.

So They need a person who can be with them till their last breath.

When a person is meant to stay with his/her partner for the next 50 years, is it not funny that many parents forcibly bond them without matching their personalities, habits, thoughts, and behaviors?

How can you assure that some rich guy will keep your daughter always happy and a poor can’t?

How can you assure that a Hindu guy will keep your daughter happy while a Muslim guy can’t?

How can you assure that the guy in the same caste will keep your daughter happy while the guy of another caste can’t?

How can you assure that the guy who lives 100 km away from your house will keep your daughter happy while the guy who lives near to your house can’t?

Is it not funny that after taking Dowry and Matching Caste, Religion, Degree, Status, Kundli now You proudly say, “Matches are Made in Heaven”?

It’s funny and unfortunately tragic !!

Indian parents need to understand,