Virgos have Mars over their third house for siblings and strength. They also have Mars ownership over their eights house, which is about legacy and uncertainties. Mars transit Mars will situate in their seventh house, the house of marriage and partnership

The ill-effects of Mars will be noticeable in the marital life of the natives. There might be fights and arguments because of a third person. The heated-up arguments can make your partner unbearable. This is not a good period for your relationship with in-laws; everything would seem to go South.

This is, however, a decent period for singles as they might meet someone and get into a relationship. You will also feel high on energy which might make you overactive; however, this will disrupt your vibe with your friends.

Since all these journeys will bring you no results, one should not travel till March gets over. You should also keep your belongings safe and near your eyes since there is an indication of theft.

This is a favorable period for people in business as they will be making many clients join their business. This will increase your earning potential and will also boost your confidence. However, there might be rivals building conspiracy against you. Stay safe against them and cross-check an offer that seems too good to be true.

Those in the business related to hospitality, fire, or steel equipment will have their ups and downs and might not flourish so well.

Remedy: Donate pomegranate and red cloth to a priest. This will improve your relationships and provide you with mental peace.


Mars owns the second house of Librans, which is about wealth and family. It also owns its seventh house, which is about its marriage and partnership business. The transit will make mars set in your sixth house about diseases, health, and remedies.

The couples may go distant because of the traveling plans of either. There might be arguments and fights because both won’t agree on the same things. The emotional distance would be there, which would become another reason for fights.

This is not a favorable period for your health as well. Your health will decline unless you start looking after yourself. Natives will suffer from backaches and ulcers-like issues.

This will be a bright period for students, and they will be acquiring excellent results from their academics. Those in competitive examinations are also likely to triumph and get selected for the next round.

Those who are employees would win the heart of others with their communication skills. Your efficiency and caliber will make things easy for you at the workplace. No one will win with a conspiracy, and you will be defeating enemies this month. Those who are professionals will also encounter growth and progress. You will also make more monetary gains as a result.

Remedy: Observe fast on Tuesday and offer food to the needy.

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