An Ode to Your Grace💫 

Your Grace can dispel the darkness from the paths of pain

Your Grace can steer someone back from the brink of death

Your Grace can illumine the heart

Your Grace can purify the soul.

Master, Your Grace

Master, Your Grace

Illumines all the world, Illumines all the times

Before the beginning and, After the end

Within the unapparent, Beyond the apparent 

You manifest in the day, You manifest in the night

You manifest All around

In the high, And In the low

Everyone’s gaze yearns for you

Master, Your Grace

Master, Your Grace

Brighter than the sun, Gentler than Moon

Warmer than Mornings, Cooler than Nights

The trees sparkle, The skies sparkle

The rivers sparkle, the mountains sparkle.

Your Grace shall brighten up every dismal night

Your Grace will steer our boat to the shore in dark storms

You are my shelter, You are my destination

You alone are my support, You are my guide

You are the one, who knows all my secrets.

Master, you are with me

Master, you are with me

Your Grace, will one day change my fate for the better.💫