I set out to search for the wrong,
I found no one wrong in the world,
When I took a good look at my own self,
I found there was,
No one more wrong than me,

I am neither good in Meditation,
And so flimsy is my Devotion,
My heart is troubled by both sides,
My journey of aridness has ended.
Now that I have entered his Ocean of Grace  !!

Many who could not swim lost,
Only some were able to reach the shore.
Those who were able to make it across safe and sound,
Were the ones who held on to their Master’s hand.

People simply recite the divine’s Name,
Very few recite it with their whole heart,
Lovers are the ones who recite it with heartfelt sincerity,
My Master taught me 1000 names of the divine mother,
And I became blessed and joyous.

Whoever’s heart love has truly entered,
Whoever’s heart love has truly entered,
They shall be able to perceive the Divine!!