Yesterday while injecting my mother in law for an osteoporosis reversal pen injection in her stomach, I had a small discussion with my inlaws and daughter on why I was not sending my grade 7th class son for an Offline school.He has been home like most Delhi kids with least socializing due to covid 19 risctions from past 2 years.My daughter who is 21 and Final year English honors student aswell as an avid reader was telling how her Teacher bua( father s sister) had emphasized how important it is for kids to be in peer company aswell experience school for this 14 days ( rather 10 as 2 weekends). My reasoning was simple ,I was just back from Hospital ( getting my mom a burn dressing…more on it soon), I was a single man army of our house hold managing cooking ,clothes washing ,handling doctor visits of (3  senior citizen 70 plus) aswell sending my son for cricket, bringing him back and irregular timing of my husband  of eating ( according to online court aswell  intermittent fasting 16 hours paired with  2 hour fitness regime).When I was finished with my reasoning or may be victimization to show I m Great and do adjustment serving so many according to their timing and needs my daughter told me coming out of the Grand parents room ,” Do u think your mysery stories will change some one? Or make them more understanding and flexible? Or change the situation? ” What maturity at 21″ Mummy if they had to change, they would have by now” she said and advised me to not be a cry baby! As Swamiji re inforces…The stories we tell ,ourselves  become our reality! My well read and experienced child made me realize rather than playing a sacrificial sob story I should narrate it proudly by saying and thinking I can handle so  much! I m blessed to have resources and skills to handle a lot!