It is said, it is ok to feel the way you feel….it’s also said don’t feel the way you do, let go…..What exactly is the expectation? and what is the reality?

This story is about the five feelings- Joy, Anger, Jealousy, Sadness and Fear. Most of the miscommunications today happen because of the unrealistic expectations, yet the urge to fulfill them.

A group of friends sat to share their daily routine. One of them was well to do but never satisfied, whereas the other struggled to managed his daily expenses so ends up being sad, frustrated always…..One of them was juggling with so many things at a time that he most of the times stayed angry, carried a frown on his face….a lonely friend who had lot of family issues always was sad and had the fear of losing the friends as well.

So basically through this group of friends and their lives currently, we come down to the thought that everyone is in search of true happiness, satisfaction and relief. To take this thought ahead with more of clarity and a right direction for all, our feelings would like to share their views about the same.

5 feeling friends, who are different, yet together, sail in the same boat.

As they sat to know the role they need to play exactly, they shared their confused mindset as they didn’t know what was expected from them.

Joy said, “I am loved by everyone, everybody wants me, but what holds them back is the never ending expectations all around they are stuck up with, due to which they miss out enjoying my company. There are people who do accept me but keep wanting me around them, more and more, never satisfied.

Anger expressed, “I envy you dear Joy, because you are loved and wanted by all. My takers are entirely different….the ones who are extremely frustrated in life, or stressed by the unwanted pressures in life. I am always held responsible to destroy lives, or to that matter, destroy relations.

Jealousy came in and said, “Dear Anger, you too started your conversation by feeling jealous of Joy, so you know what,  this always happens ,when we aren’t able to accept ourselves the way we are and always find the grass greener on the other side. My situation is the same, the ones who accept me are the ones who are totally dissatisfied with themselves and always want to be or pretend to be like someone else.

Sadness Stepped in…Suddenly everyone felt low…Sadness said, “This is how everyone feels when I am around….I am always responsible towards making people depressed…stressed…worthless…not a good role though….but handling it, as I am in strong need by people these days, as they are bogged with expectations and deadlines.

Fear said, “I am always linked with you dear Sadness, somewhere the initiation of me in their minds leads me to people feeling sad…They experience my presence when they want to do something but are unable to, due to lack of confidence in themselves.

Joy expressed: “Ok, all said, is it that no one is satisfied with anything? Everyone is unaware as to how to express, react appropriately? We all need that ‘one friend’, who is a perfect balance of all of us, who will assure us the importance of our presence. Let’s all approach a Counselor who will help us find that friend.  And they all approach a Counselor who helps them meet that much awaited friend named – EMPATHY!!!!

Empathy- Knowing and understanding people from their perspective: a very important feeling in the lives of everyone. A balance of Joy, Anger, Jealousy, Sadness and Fear. It says, it’s ok to feel every emotion, but with the thought of equally understanding the others, from their point of view. It helps in maintaining relations better, stay upto expectations, deadlines and ultimately keep everyone and every relation satisfied. A strong level of understanding is what is needed to strengthen every relation. Empathy is that feeling which helps us strengthen the level of understanding.

All the feelings expressed: Wow!! It feels so good to see our roles being balanced so well by our friend. We are sure this one friend, Empathy, being a part of each ones life, would surely get a positive change in the mindsets, keeping them less stressed, away from depression and help them stay more settled.

No doubt, we all will surely agree with the thought expressed by Empathy, “May I feel the same as you” which wonderfully conveys its role and importance.

Thank you to the all who have helped us meet this friend who in return helped us assure our presence and importance in the lives of everyone.