I usually do morning walk, no too early but can still be called morning. Few times dogs troubled me during the walk. To scare them decided to buy a stick.

Stick may not be a powerful weapon but gives one the feeling of an external protection. At the same time it can boost one’s ego with the new power so acquired.

While walking I started getting mischievous desire to hit someone who was dirtying the place or doing something stupid. I started feeling good of justice though thankfully it was all in the mind and I didn’t actually hit anyone. 

It though shows what power can do. One can understand why heads of super power countries flaunt their weapons and threaten the weaker countries or some even smaller country with mischievous mind challenge the bigger yet gentle countries. 

Even gods made misuse of weapons in ancient scriptures . It starts controlling you instead of you doing so. It’s so true of any power not just physical one. 

oh stick you are so small yet you make me act like god what if you were a brahmastra. Seems gods would never give me one after this 😀