Self acceptance is truly a heroic act.  Nathaniel Branden


Today morning when I read this quote I was in a fix as to how would I write something on this. How would I justify what I write and how I would be able to think about all this? The day started and had some work to complete and a though came into my mind what if I could delay this, as a matter of fact I was delaying this work for last two weeks but what it would be like to take a step and get what we need.

Just got up and went ahead to complete the work. Still, this is not what gave me the way to write todays writeup but when I came back my Massi came to our place on way back to hers. I enquired about her health then my cousins (both brother and sister) to which she replied they are fine and have accepted the fact (both of them are facing some medical issues). I was shocked to hear those lines as this is what I had to realize today and had to seep in to understand the importance.

What about a person who is fighting third stage cancer for the last 4 years and has now reached the worst what it would be like to meet and exchange thoughts? What it would be like for the family who are seeing that person suffer and now have realized that one day that person won’t get up. But when we accept the fact that it is the only truth of life it becomes easier to understand. To what life can be is the way we see it and the way we perceive it.

The discussion led to a conclusion, that the person is suffering but the loved ones are not ready to give up(because they love them), they would do whatever it takes to keep the loved ones with them, but it is not possible.

There can be times when we need to understand that things won’t go our way but yes, they would definitely be better if we accept them and be mindful. Only if we analyze who we are what we are meant for it would be better for us to reach the zenith of our life, as not all will be billionaires but yes we all can be successful in one way or other.