A boy was running up the hill,
Butterflies were his companion. 
Carried away in his joy to reach the sun, 
Dare he dream of being an Angel among those in the sky.


Ever ready to sacrifice himself for his kins, and, 
Forever grateful for the sunshine enveloping him,
Gracefully he bowed to show his respects to The mighty sun.


Howls of the wolf forebode the approaching danger.  
Instinctively he knew the animal would eat his sheeps.  
Jarring and mouth agape with razor teeth it was. 


Keep your patience in check my boy and don’t strike,
Lest in your anger you throw yourself at the wolf.  
Maddening and sickening as it was, I said, 
Nether will be your abode!


Oh Mighty Sun. 
Pardon my mistakes and sins, 
Quivering with emotions and tears. 


Rise, the Mighty Sun said, 
Strike his heart where the evil resides. 
Throw your spear and 
Unburden this world from this beast. 


Veil of illusion dropped and
Warrior-like-God stood before me. He said to me,
X will be your salvation oh noble son, 
You passed the valor test.
Zodiac the 13th sign you shall be called from today. 

Featured image made with Canva

Note: The above story is an original as part of a challenge by the Editor-in-Chief of Os.me, Medha Shri Ji. During the workshop, one of the tasks was to follow the pattern of the Roman alphabets starting from « a » to « z ». I reached till « g » during the allocated time. I have continued my line of thoughts, publishing it and submitting for approval to you, Medha Ji

🐺Jai Shri Hari🐺