Maha Prabhu….

I’m meditating on your Divine form being seated on a beautiful asana in front of Lord Shri Hari as if you have come out of His heart to lighten the heavy hearts of all the Seekers

The illuminating form is surrounded with the rays of Divine aura which is adding shine to your Saffron robe

I see the Sun and the Moon sitting as tilak on your forehead to guide us through dual nature of this world

The brightness of your face is like that of Full Moon in Autumn season with full of Ecstasy and Serenity

The fully blossomed Lotus like eyes are filled with nectar of Bliss and emitting fragrance of Compassion

In your silent smile you hold the entire sky and with your drizzling like words you purify us from depths

You hold the bowl full of Kindness in your hands to give everything to the one who is ready to receive

The beautiful Lotus feet which hold a great lineage are the ultimate refuge to the burdened souls and intense Seekers


I’m melting in the heat of your penance and getting drenched in your infinite Grace. 

What else can I do other than offering myself at your Lotus feet after experiencing your glorious form. 

With pure Love and immense Gratitude I prostate before your Divine form. 

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