With the gentle shutting of the eyes
a new inner world comes alive
as the din of the outer world decreases
a sense of peace pervades the entire being
without any hint the mind acts like a petulant child
it wants to revolt and assert its will
with gentle inhalation and with alertness the mind is pacified
as is its wont, it refuses to be quiet
thoughts come out of nowhere thick and fast
with the expertise of a marksman
finding the target with much ease
with gentle chiding and cajoling, the agitated mind slowly relents
the body is relaxed, and the mind is calm
for a moment there is quietude
the feeling is unnerving and is short lived
the mind agitates
like the dam bursting at its seams
the mind unleashes itself
with a multitude of thoughts
with great concentration, the mind is reeled in
this dance continues
until it becomes still
and this is when meditation descends