Her eyes sparkle with unspoken mischief,
And her teeth in an ear to ear smile do meet
Yoga she does every time dawn breaks out
Yet Gol Gappe she would love to eat!
Her wit puzzles Aristotle and Einstein alike
For there seems not to be a faltering end
To the sweetly funny replies you receive in your mailbox-
From Meera Om: mother, sister and friend!
If they ever made a film about this legendary woman
Perhaps about History they would rather not say;
For she likes them not- neither Akbar nor Babar
And to make her son cram it, all she can do is pray.
But that seems to be effective enough!
For with Him she seems to be connected by a gossamer thread
And worry not, you’ll reach her epic-ness too,
For that is what she herself has said!
Yet mistake not, she is kind as she is fun,
And she is compassionate from her very soul;
It reflects in her deed as much as her saccharine comments
She loves you- not quarter, not half but whole!
Her stories are unending and infinite
As if she struts to 2021 from millennials beyond and behind
It may be so, I comment not over a trivial fact!
For Meera Om is indeed one of a kind.
A faithful comrade to one and and all she is
To even the wrong number calls that come her way!
Her observation would stand the test of James Bond,
And her face prettier than the sunniest buds of May.
May she murder cake plentiful on this fateful occasion
Or perhaps not, as it would go against what he teaches, as she would say!
For she is a devoted parent, wife, friend and my perfect aunty
And to her fabulous-ness, I wish the very happy, happy, happiest birthday!
Love you, Meera aunty! ❤️

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