The fire of the pyre will die; the soul will be freed from the body,
Who was a part of me, is now waiting to be immersed in the Ganges.

An entire lifetime spent together, a split second that took us apart,
The ashes are only handful, but the memories for ages to last.

The smile which made me cheer even when things were gloomy,
Who will make me smile nowjQuery35101687687928408057_1618125019617 am already feeling the pangs and the fury.

Who will sit besides my bed to heal my wounds?
The eyes which took away all my pain by that serene look.

Who will touch my face with warmth of love?
Who will ruffle my hair cheering me to move on?

The home which was once filled with laughter,
The walls now mute spectators to the sound of silence.

As I look at the frames which captured the moments of eternal love,
A treasure trove for me, reminiscing all memories, locked in my heart forever.

The worlds will grief only for sometime,
How can I forget you??? when that was the only thing mine.

But I will not cry in grief, to reduce my pain,
You have taught me to live life king-size and that promise I will keep!!!!!!.

You always feared as to how will I face this world after you???
Where is the question of you not being there, when every thing around here has a faction of you.

The clothes in the wardrobe, the perfume which lingers in the air,
The sounds of your favourite music and the books which you read.

The trips which we took together, the movies which we saw,
The laughter without any reason, your changing moods like season.

These memories will last forever, till we meet again,
This lifetime was a journey blessed marked by the ebb and the flow.

How unfortunate I am, could not accompany you,
When I see the present, I lose the courage to honour my promises to you.

The innocent eyes still question whether you will come soon???
Can you appear only once to make his wish come true?

The mother’s eyes are still waiting for you to wipe her tears,
The father’s strong frame is now frail and hesitant.

They say time will heal,
But what happens when time stands still???

Each day feels like an eternity in waiting
Your memories are the only hope to make me see the everyday sunrise.

But I will not cry in grief, to reduce my pain,
You have taught me to live life king-size and that promise I will keep!!!!!!!.

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