………..365 days

Its exactly a year, to this very minute, that Dad initiated his last journey to heaven.

I decided to write my homage to Dad on this platform, as it has helped me relive dad’s through his musings. All of you here, have given the kindest and most loving support to me throughout this year. And as Against All Odds, his biography goes to print, I hope it helps you to continue remembering him for a much longer time.

Pappa had planned his departure very well. Before going he ensured that in many ways, he will remain with me.

His Books, diaries and infinite collection of handwritten notes. He not only gave me the precious habits of reading and writing, he also left behind so much for me to read and he taught be so much to write. 

His friends, especially the closest ones, I can have conversations with them for hours, not unlike many of my own friends. There was a  tight bond he had with these friends and its the mutual absence that we feel between us, that naturally makes us yearn for each other’s company. We both see Dad in each other.

His favourite foods: We remember him when we have all his favourite dishes, right from Gujarati snacks, farsan, sweets to the alphonso Mango, that he used to savour all summer.

His favourite songs and movies: He was an ardent Raj Kapoor and Mukesh fan, and I love singing some of the favourite songs.

His love for fitness yoga and meditation: Having ignored meditation all my life, now I do it regularly with mom, as he used to do, every Sunday.

Hi Love for nature: My habit of admiring sunrises and sunsets is what I inherited from him and every-time I am amidst nature, I feel I am closer to him.

There are some feelings and relationships, the beauty of which, can’t be describe in words. My love for Dad was one such relationship. 

“The best times in a son’s life are those spent quietly with his father, learning strength in silence.”