Swami Ji said here, that money is forever fleeting, always in movement (gati), changing hands and fates (for those who make it that). It moves in three gatis and it’s impossible to tie it down. Figuratively speaking, Ma Laxmi moves in following three gatis:

  1. Uttam: This is the ultimate movement, i.e. Daan – Taking a portion out of your earnings to give back. Swami Ji says, the only thing that will stay in Mother Nature’s ledger is what you part with, what you set aside for giving away, all else will nullify as mere dr./cr. transactions. At the same time, he also says, the greatest thing you can give out is kind and loving words. And only the very fortunate can give, it’s a blessing from God that He gave you a heart as big, that you can give. This is the greatest investment.
  2. Madhyam: Those who shy away from giving away, fall in this category, i.e. Bhog. Money moves like water in this category, slips away from cracks. Money is spent on self, loved ones, in attachments and in pleasures. It is an expense.
  3. Adham: Then there are those, who neither give, nor spend, i.e. Naash. They just enjoy amassing wealth and stay happy seeing it heap up, but such wealth will vanish eventually for it’s neither grown, nor spent. And Swami Ji says, 70% people fall in this category, only 25% know how to spend money and a mere 5% are fortunate enough, who carry a heart that can give.

So it is with life, he says, not just with money. There are things you should save (your virtues), things you should destroy (your afflictions) and things you should give out (kind words, love and whatever else you can afford to part with). The only principle is, sounds paradoxical, but isn’t!, whatever you wish to get, start giving it.

I thought, I’ll just write about the 3 gatis mentioned in the above discourse and map the uttam gati with my pledge but such is the greatness of words that come out of Swami Ji’s sri mukh, that every word is worth it’s weight in gold and you keep absorbing it. I think I’ve jotted down the entire discourse above. This post is going to be a long one, so brace yourselves, please.

On 05.09.2020, when Swami Ji announced about the Karma Points mechanism here and here, I got very emotional that Swami Ji is even giving away the os.me earnings (which isn’t profitable yet) and made a pledge of giving back whatever earnings I receive from the platform back to Sri Badrika Ashram or Black Lotus. I stand by it with all my heart and will fulfill my promise too, which is why I’m writing this post.

However, there is a realization that dawned upon me as I wrote my first two posts, saw members engage on the platform and my earnings shoot up. It is that:

Anything Swami Ji decides, it is after great thought and a vision so far ahead that my limited mind and it’s tiny comprehension can’t grasp, so Keep Calm, listen to Swami Ji and Repeat. I realized that this platform will be the most positive place on internet (as Swami Ji mentioned in his post today), a troll-free community of like minded people and aspiring professional writers to come express themselves and make a living out of it, how immensely beautiful is that, os.me will generate jobs, support families and give so many budding writers a chance to fulfill their dreams.

For hobbyist writers such as I, uttam gati ka dhan, uttam karye me he lagna chahiye (money earned from the most pious source, must go into a noble and pious cause). To keep it fully transparent, please have a look at my earnings dashboard, your love and support has earned me about $200 in a matter of 2 posts over ~30 days, imagine what it can do for a person who dreams to be a writer but has to let go because it’s not a commercially rewarding profession. Wow, Swami Ji. Wow!!

Meri pehli kamayi... 2

Thank you so much everyone who supported me and interacted on my posts. Thank you so very much again and again. I have thought of the following 3 ways to utilize these earnings:

  1. 1/3rd of the earnings to go back to the Ashram (in the form of an Abhishekam from os.me community)
  2. 1/3rd to Black Lotus
  3. 1/3rd to remain in os.me account for gifting memberships to those who cannot afford it

Whatever I get from the platform will always be used in these 3 causes and I’ll keep that transparent as well. Talking about it, I found the process to open a PayPal account slightly lengthy (the KYC bit), so those who wish to withdraw the earnings should get one made immediately. I have written about the nitty-gritty of it here, you can read and set up your account.

Million, Billion, Trillion, Gazillion thanks to our beloved Swami Ji for giving us this platform and everything else, known and unknown. All glories to the one and only!

Thank you all members for engaging and making this a beautiful reality for me.

Jai Sri Hari๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™

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