Wednesday का अखबार है मेरा favorite
करती हूं मैं उसका इंतजार हर Week
लिखती रहती है उसे एक श्री
नाम है उनका मेधा श्री ❤️❤️

She is Brilliant
She is Hard Worker
She is Mindful
She is Beautiful
She is Charming
She is Romantic
She is Editor in Chief ❤️❤️

Always she shares different different ideas with us to motivate us for writting .
Sometimes she shows transformative ideas .
Sometimes she twit best inspiring quotes .
Sometimes she explaines future posts contents .
Sometimes she sings beautiful songs .
Sometimes she shares swamiji’s thoughts .
Sometimes she tells about her .
Sometimes she teaches life lessons .
Sometimes she writes too ❤️❤️

She is a Gatherer of Stories 🗞️
One year back she came to her spiritual home 🏡 and she said Time for the big reveal! 🤷
We helped her lot when she had a weakness for stories of hope and triumph 🤝
She shared her experiences with How she Manifested Michael Phelps into her Life ⭐
What a meeting with Will Smith taught her ⭐
Also Truth Be Told with Kailash Kher 😍 Olympian Vijender Singh 🤼 Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni 🙏 Nupur Sharma 🙏 and Cancer Warrior Anchal Sharma 🙏🙏
I loved Japanese secret for a long and happy life with Truth Be Told with Ikigai author Francesc Miralles ❤️❤️

I learnt from her
10 Ways to Become Better👌
10 Meditations on Making Life Meaningful 😇
10 Ways to Love Better 💕
10 Reasons to be Grateful 🌷
10 Reasons to Celebrate 🎊
10 ways to become smarter and sharper 😎
46 Experts Unusual Tips on Staying Mentally Strong During Pandemic 🙏

What’s Trending on
The truth and prizes! 🎁
OSME Digest: The Tendencies
OSME Digest: Embrace
OSME Digest: Journey
OSME Digest: Mindscape
Change your mindscape, change your life.
OSME Digest: Lessons
OSME Digest: The Gift
OSME Digest: The Guru
OSME Digest: 10 Self-Improvement Hacks
OSME Digest: How to Manifest
OSME Digest: Sweet Emotion
OSME Digest: Of Inaction
OSME Digest: 12 Ways to Improve Life
OSME Digest: The Happiest Day of My Life
OSME Digest: How to Live Life Freely?
OSME Digest: Let the Light Enter
OSME Digest: Success
OSME Digest: Pay it Forward
You can change the world, one kind act at a time 🌠

I am specially Thankful for A meeting with Ma Anand Sheela and wisdom for life 🙏🙏
#Freedom Challange 👍
#WriteChoice is her right choice 👌
Her favourite tourist destination, Switzerland 😍
Lots of Exciting Times Ahead! with her 🤷💃

Thank you so much my dear Medha Ji efforts you always take for making OSME Awesome and more beautiful 🙂🙏❤️❤️ Thank you so much for always Inspiring and provoke us to share our thoughts 😊🤗👌👌👌👌👌
Please accept this poem as my small Christmas Gift to you with lots of love and Gratitude 🌞🎊🍒🎂🍫💕⛄🎈🎄🌈

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