Just about two hours back, I happened to lay my hands on my diary, where I write only sporadically. It was absolutely unplanned, as if something just led me to these pages, which are now silently sitting open by me, as I write here. It is past midnight now. I have particularly read most of the pages filled up about my visits to the Ashram – notes from Swamiji’s discourses, personal experiences, things like that. 

Reading of personal experiences and what I had felt then, it is amazing when the vivid energy from the past events, from the ashram space, fills up the same (now lesser) void in the today. It is like an answer which you had forgotten or lost touch with, and now from somewhere it has just reappeared. 

It feels lighter. The soul rejoices, as peace has descended. All I now realize is that there was an unfathomable restlessness surfacing this evening from very deep within (and I can’t touch it) and it has settled for good now, without seeping into my mind and taking it hostage. I shall rest peacefully knowing that I am His child and will be taken care of, just in Time. 

Well, yes. I actually got something to share with you from my diary, the very motivation for me to write here, at this hour.    

The date reads 27 July 2018; here is Swami Ji’s message (not verbatim; only the notes), on the occasion of Guru Purnima, from His evening discourse.  

His Message on Guru Purnima 

You will find million reasons to not be compassionate, loving, forgiving in life. But just pause and think what would Om Swami do in such a situation.

For the ones I have initiated, their way is to spread the glory of the movement, the teachings that is Om Swami.

For those who are not initiated, the way is just to lead a meaningful life. Every night before you go to bed, there must be the satisfaction that you have made a difference to someone’s life, that may be in any way –  feeding any animal, making someone smile, complimenting someone.

When you can connect to a Guru, every moment spent in the presence of Him is like a Purushcharana.     

When you have surrendered to your Guru, actually you have nothing to worry about. Not that you can give up your efforts, your actions; but you just work, do your Dharma. 

I believe these words will stir as well as solace a million parched souls. Still somewhere I feel, I just write to remind this conditioned mind of His Mighty Loving Presence.   

In Gratitude, 🙏🌸

Dipali 😊