Moments when our mind becomes little too adamant and doesn’t wanna sit down peacefully. Real prison between our ears in our very head is so real at times that it feels more real than the physical world around us. 

When Cajoling doesn’t work

When scolding doesn’t work, following words came gushing forth when that happened…. 

Does this madness have a name? 

This never ending search

This deafening silence of the mind

This vortex of activities

Ending up in loop everytime

As if rowing in a circular wave

Does this search ever end? 

Will there ever be 

Silent peaceful sleep for the mind? 

Will there ever be a moment when

We are immune of pain, hurt and misery

Will there ever be a moment when there is no ‘me’

When ‘i’ dissolves away and 

Everything else dissolves away into nothingness

A calm void

No noise, no confusion, no pretence, no sorrow. 

Will there ever be a respite

from this race with no finish line? 

Will there ever be…. 

We are all in this together I wish calmness and peace to all creatures with one or anather form of suffering. You aren’t alone.




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