I am enjoying my life. We think others only enjoy life, like heroes, etc., but the point is which way we see life.

I gave up one thing that I love to do daily, which is playing. as it gave me the impression that I couldn’t live without playing

This is kind of silly, but it really happened. My mind responded by saying, “You have to stop playing, and if you stop playing, you will enjoy some miracle that will happen.” I stopped. I thought I would get bored all day.

When stopped, the next day for a week, we went to our grandparents’ home, and I didn’t feel bored at all. After returning, our relatives came to visit, and I got entertainment. After they went two and three days, we went out and took cycling rounds, and on Sunday we are going on a trip. 

The miracle that I got is that one or both of them will keep me entertained after I stop playing, which is my opinion.

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