This post is against Meera ji’s recent article, an article that had condemned the Class-Monitors: Monitor, an innocent race.

On behalf of Class Monitor Committee of India (CMCI), I am going to lead this case.

Meera ji has condemned us as ‘Chamchaas‘. She has criticised the ‘chasmishes’ too. I was both monitor and chasmish. So I have taken it personally.

I was a monitor for 4 years. Do you think it was easy to hold such important private posts for 4 years! (I regret I could not make it 5. Then there would be no difference between me and the Prime Minister.) 

But can’t you see the struggles of monitors behind their happy faces? Can’t you see the pain that we suppress behind our innocent countenances? 

We accept that we do chamchagiri. Yes! You heard it right.But for whom?  For you! For our innocent fellow students, for their well-being. We want them to excel in their life in a disciplined manner.

All day we keep our eyes open. For whom? For you, our dear fellow students so that you cannot cultivate immorality. 

We chalk down your names in the blackboard. But for whom? No! not for you all the time! Monitors have personal khunnas (animosity) too. We put their names so that teacher can purify you with his magic-wand.

And what do we get in return after such selfless service? Few grace marks? Access to principal’s office? Freedom to go to bathroom anytime we want? Good bond with the teachers? And purifying our personal enemies by writing their names in the blackboard? 

Do you call it justice? 

Still we are struggling for you dear students. We give the best oil to our teachers. We sell our self respect in this process to be in their good books. For whom? For you!

Monitors are humans too, Meera ji. “If you prick us do we not bleed?

So we condemned such remarks against Monitors by Meera ji! We the Class Monitor Committee of India (CMCI) want public apology from her. Hope she will reply soon.

Thank you!

The Chairman,

Class Monitor Committee of India (CMCI)

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