Oh my Moon Lord

what is there more to ask

from you when you have

given me yourself

in each breath I take


It feels complete

the work seems done

there feels no need to

carry on with this maya life

all desires lay beneath

the path before my eyes


I am safe in your arms

but still is it not weary

to do the same things

over and over again

every single day?


Why such tiredness bhagwan?

Tiredness of how many lives?


If I’d known the art

to drop this body of mine

and merge in your heart

I would’ve wasted a second not


What will I do here?

What is there for me here?

What am I after all?


Human race feels apart from

my soul of mother nature


But where are the birds

why do they come not

onto my palms?


Only humans and their

never ending chatters


Oh my Moon Lord

come to my earth

take me to your home

I shall rest in you forever