Some years back our family got an invite of some long lost relatives for their son s wedding! As common in India cousins ,second cousins and uncle aunts with same family tree usually meet after years due to hectic life style in weddings of their children ,my Father in law decided that he will flaunt his kids and grand kids with good brand of cars ,clothings and English speaking skills to his Maternal aunts family who s Fat son of 120 kgs was getting married in the chilly December month of Delhi! Its a trend in Women to not wear woolens or socks in -2degrees too, to display their stylish sarees ,blouses and jewellery ( specifically if u have a very stylish mother in law even if your lips keep doing kirtan of cold ,u still would wear a plastic smile and not even a shawl) , I was no less ,where as men of house are in 3 piece suits of their weddings, reception or engagegement cosy and warm.Any way we drove 50 kms to the venue in heavy fog as it was on outskirts of Delhi , as we reached the venue the sisters of the bride groom were feeding the Ghoree( white mare) chana daal. In Hindu marriages the bride groom comes dressed as a prince on a white female horse to the girls marriage venue to marry his bride ,( a tradition maybe from Prithviraj chauhan and Sanyukta still continued) ,As our Groom Girdhar was no less than Adnaan Sami the singer in looks and our mare was the stylish, dandy and delicate one with a red velvet shiny saddle cloth with zardosi golden embroidery on it ,as soon as the Doolha sat on it the Ghoree( mare ) sat on its hind legs too lifting 2 front legs and dropping the well dressed Kaddu Groom on road and ran at 100 km per hour speed not to be seen ! As a coy bhabee ,i had no choice but to cover my face with paloo and have a hearty silent laugh before the Mare was fetched back by its owner and this time ,the groom was asked to hold the Ghoree tight! Do share any funny incident you too had at som Baraat( wedding procession).